Guru Scott McQuaid introduced the Minangkabau Harimau Pencak Silat system to Hong Kong in 2004 and shortly after founded Black Triangle Silat tribe in 2006 with closed door workshops in the Philippines, England and America. This association is designed to preserve and study the combative arts of Sumatra's Minangkabau tribes. In 2009, Guru McQuaid relocated to Kuala Lumpur and introduced Minang Harimau Silat to Malaysia.

Pesilat McQuaid is a 3rd generation Bela Diri Silek Harimau practitioner from the Palero Beringin Sakti Pencak Silat Association from the lineage of the Lubuk Ngantungan tribe from Datuk Maha Guru Adityo Mataram Hanafi. This legacy continued under Maha Guru de-Bordes Lumpat Harimau Pencak Silat system and continues in the foundation of Black Triangle Silat.

Guru McQuaid has been a practitioner of Silek Harimau (Harimau Silat) for almost two decades. He is a disciple of Maha Guru Richard Crabbe de-Bordes, a student of Guru Besar Randolph Carthy, and the apprentice of Guru Paul Bennett.

With selected students across the globe, he continues to spread the message of this rare ancient Indonesian fighting style bestowed upon him by senior warriors.

“Mengikut haluan orang yang borpongaruh.” - “We walk in the footsteps of giants.”


Minangkabau Senjata

The Minangkabau Senjata Aliran (weapon styles) are sub-systems that are designed to bolt onto Silek Harimau aiding the pesilat in armed combat. Maha Guru Jak Othman of the Harimau Berantai Silat clan has been instrumental in helping to develop and enhance blade techniques used in the Minang Senjata. The Black Triangle Silat Tribe along with the De-Bordes Foundation of Combat Science continue to decipher, research, and document Sumatra's fighting arts.

Black Triangle Silat Lineage

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