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Instructor Peter Weckauf

Instructor Peter WeckaufInstructor Peter Weckauf was born in Vienna, Austria, he began training in martial arts at the age of fifteen. He is now an instructor for Krav Maga, Eskrima, Jeet Kune Do, Luta Livre, Wing Chun and Boxing. He is currently the head of the AKMA Austrian Krav Maga Association and the founder of the SAMI International martial arts association.

Guru Paul Bennett and Instructor Peter Weckauf

SAMI is a long distance training program devised for people that cannot regularly attend semi-nars or training sessions at the SAMI Academy. Amongst the curriculum is blade concept com-bat and the popular tomahawk fighting.

Sami Combat SystemsIt was the tomahawk weapon that attracted Guru Paul Bennett to travel to Austria to train with Peter Weckauf. And after three years of training, Guru Paul Bennett is now certified in teaching tomahawk concepts.