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Soke Robert Lawrence

10th Dan Professor

Soke Robert LawrenceSensei Robert Lawrence passed away on the morning of the 15th January, 2003. This sensei (teacher) was not just a talented martial arts instructor; he was a pioneer in the martial arts community, a man worthy of the title ‘professor’ as his knowledge within the combative arts was endless.

Robert Lawrence known as Bob to his friends and students started his training at school, learning Roman wrestling, and later he joined the Southend ABA Boxing Club in Essex, England. Soke Lawrence’s path in martial arts began with Judo then Ju-Jutsu before immigrating to Japan to study Karate. He then travelled to Okinawa to further his studies with weaponry such as the Nunchuku, Jo, Bo, Tanjo, Tonfa, Sai and Kama and the katana. Upon returning to his home Southend, England, he founded the British Fudoshin Association that now has schools around the world.

In 1990, a small fourteen year-old teenage boy named Scott McQuaid entered his dojo and began training in Ju-Jutsu and Okinawa weapons. For two years Scott McQuaid studied at the St. John Ambulance hall dojo with Soke Lawrence.

Then in 1992 Sensei Lawrence’s health started to decline and doctors ordered Soke Lawrence to bed rest until further notice. The dojo went through a tough time and after several months the young Scott McQuaid left the class and later found his combative path in the Indonesian fighting art of Silek Harimau.

McQuaid eventually became a Guru in this fighting system but still notes his first teacher Soke Lawrence as a huge influence in his martial career and one of the few people he regards as a true fighter. Soke Lawrence did eventually return to his dojo and in 1997 he was awarded the rank of 10th Dan by the Amateur Martial Association of the UK and the International Martial Arts League of Europe. To those that knew him, Soke Robert Lawrence was an inspiration, and his legendary status continues in the British Fudoshin Association.

  • British Fudoshin AssociationRyuso (Founder of Style) - Fudoshin Ryu
  • Kaiso (Founder of Organization) - Association of Oriental Fighting Arts (1968)
  • British Fudoshin Association (1974)