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Guro Dan Inosanto

Guro Dan Inosanto Dan Inosanto has over 30 years experience in the martial arts and is a world authority in Jeet Kune Do concepts and Filipino martial arts.

Guro Dan was originally introduced into the martial arts at the age of ten studying Okinawa Te and Jiu-Jitsu in California.

During his college years, Guro Dan took up Judo until graduation and then moved onto Kenpo Karate under the famous Ed Parker. He would later be introduced to his native Filipino stick fighting systems and study under Escrimadors in the local Filipino community. The three of the most prominent were Max Sarmiento, Angel Cabales, and Johnny Lacoste.

In 1964, Guro Dan met the legendary Bruce Lee and after seeing Sifu Lee's demonstrations, he would become a close friend and student in Bruce Lee's self-developed system of Jeet Kune Do.

Guro Dan has studied over twenty styles of Filipino martial arts, being an instructor in several. He is also an instructor in Muay Thai under Master Chai Sirisute, an instructor in Pentjak Silat under Pendekar Paul De Thouars and Pendekar Herman Suwanda.

Guru Scott McQuaid with Guro Dan Inosanto

In 2003, during Guru Scott McQuaid's merantau (right of passage), he studied under Guro Dan for two months at the Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles. Guro Dan knew pesilat McQuaid's teacher Guru Richard de-Bordes and was happy to teach Kali Silat and the Maphilindo system he devised.

  • Guro Dan Inosanto's LogosBlack Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame: 1996
  • Man of the Year, 1988
  • Weapons Instructor of the Year, 1983
  • Instructor of the Year, 1977
  • Jeet Kune Do Instructor of the Year, 1977